Developers: Tea Monster Games 

Release date: 2023

Platforms:  PC

Available from: Steam

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USD $4.99

EUR 4.67

CAD $6.73

GBP £4.03

Twitter: @TeaMonsterGames
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Contact: Tea Monster Games 


Jack Dragon is a retro love letter to 80 and 90s arcade games. Avoid nasties, jump on platforms, glide around the screen and collect gems! Sounds easy, right?

A Tale of Jack Dragon:

The Stone of Peace, smashed to bits,

By Lord Moneybags, who got up and split.

Moneybags gains, and everyone suffers,

Everyone fighting, sisters and brothers.

Jack the Dragon,

He's just volunteered.

He'll find all the shards,

That have disappeared.

Collect all the gems,

To keep things on track.

Restore the peace stone,

To bring peace back.




XBox Controller:

Game features:

Jack Dragon and the Stone of Peace is based on a ZX Spectrum homebrew game 'Jack Dragon'. The original ZX Spectrum game is available for free, although you'll need an emulator or a real Speccy to run it!  Check out the original Jack Dragon, here -> Jack Dragon (ZX Spectrum homebrew) by PsychicParrot (itch.io) 

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